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Not only exists the conventional football, enjoys Indoor Soccer the most.

The Indoor Soccer Fantasy Manager is an online game where you control a indoor football team from a lower category, with players fictitious, and your mission is to bring this team to the highest, Where only the best can get!

Compete with thousands of users to obtain the prestigious Cup Fantasy Manager, develop your team season after season to have a competitive team and evolves to beat your rivals, learn to use the strategy and make the team the best indoor football team.
Your team is full of players of different nationalities, you can improve your team using the market, the young players, Team B , etc.

It all depends on you, Do you accept the Challenge?

Active servers Selected: Fantasy Indoor Manager
  • Fantasy Indoor Manager Main language
    Server used for RF (www.resultados-futbol.com) the most important Spanish soccer social network.
    Online: 18
    Registered users: 183
    Max. Users: 19.670
  • Fantasy Indoor Popuz Main language
    Main server of Fantasy Indoor Manager.
    Online: 0
    Registered users: 87
    Max. Users: 19.670

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